As a homeowner, you may be looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and cost. A great way to cut down on your energy bill is to consider insulating your attached garage. Because your garage door is essentially a large wall that opens and closes multiple times a day, it can let out a
Many benefits follow with having a garage door replacement. We understand this is an investment, and you want to pick the right one for your home. This article will highlight the benefits of a new, quality garage door. We explain how to budget, what style to look for, and things you should consider.  Why A
garage door portable remote
Being able to open your garage door with one click of a button is a major convenience. But when the portable garage door remote stops working, it can be a hassle. It forces us to get out of the car for the epic struggle of opening the door manually. Or, running into the house, pushing
New garage
There’s nothing worse than heading out to an appointment or work and realizing your garage door isn’t working. A faulty garage door can put you into a bad mood for the rest as you try to figure out how you’re going to fix it. A pretty obvious sign that something is wrong is if the
broken garage door nightmare
Have you ever been in a hurry, ready to back out of your garage, only to find the garage door opener is not working? You don’t have time to fix it right then. So you run in, close the overhead door with the wall switch, tear through the house to the exterior door, and hope this hasn’t