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Frequently Asked Questions

My door is crooked, what could be wrong?

If your garage door is only pulling up on the one side, the likely cause is that the cable is broken or has come off the track.

Where do I get weather stripping and door seals?

The weather stripping around your garage door plays an important role. Much like with your vehicle, it helps keep out air and noise which in turn can help cut down on heating costs. We can install or repair your weather stripping for you.

I've lived here for 20 years and never had the garage door serviced, when should I get it serviced?

A1 recommends that it’s done once a year, that way if something is going to break hopefully we can catch it early, saving on a costlier repair down the road.

Why is my door running so loudly?

The likely cause is that it’s overdue for maintenance. If it hasn’t been looked at in regular intervals, then any part of the system could be malfunctioning. Once you check the track for debris or dents, it’s best to call in a trained professional to further troubleshoot the problem.

I'm locked outside and can’t get the garage door open?

You’ll need to phone a locksmith to be able to get into your garage. From there we can assist with any other issues you may be having, whether it’s caused by the opener, remote or some other aspect of your overhead door.

I have two springs on my garage door but only one is broken, should I replace both?

Yes. If one of the springs is broken, then the other will also break soon. Both have the same life expectancy, so it’s always best to just do both to ensure you don’t have to replace the other one a few weeks or months later.

Three months ago, you adjusted the limits on my opener, but the door stop is still stopping an inch off the ground?

If your overhead door is still not working correctly, even after being adjusted, then chances are it’s the garage door opener causing the issue. Once the computer starts to go in the opener it starts to affect the way the door operates, not allowing it to close properly.