What Happens During A Garage Door Maintenance Check

Regular garage door maintenance
Unless you perform maintenance on your garage door, it won’t last as long as it could. Neglecting regular checkups might lead to a lot of expensive repairs and replacements. Maintenance is an ongoing process that will help keep your garage door in good shape over its lifespan. Regular maintenance checks on the garage door not

Garage Door Cable & Spring Repairs

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When To Get Them Replaced & Why They're Important Your garage door's cables and springs play an important role in helping the door open and close. Which protects you in the process. More often than not, when your garage door needs repairing, it either has to do with the sensor, springs, or cables. A  broken

Getting Your Garage Ready For The Winter

prepare your garage for winter snow
We know you don’t want to think about winter yet. Especially with the summer we seem to be having finally. But, a little preparation now will go a long way before the snow flies. As winter begins its approach, it’s a great time to start thinking about what routine maintenance your garage door needs before

Include Your Garage Door In Your Home Safety Checks

safety check on garage door
People don’t associate the words ‘overhead garage door’ and ‘home safety systems’ right away, but it might be the easiest access thieves have to enter your home. Often people will leave the door leading to their home through the garage unlocked, thinking that thieves would need an electric controller to enter the garage. Whether your

Why Your Garage Door Sensor Is Important

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Check your garage door sensors as part of your maintenance inspections to ensure the safety of loved ones A Canadian hospital research study showed that there were 622 injuries involving overhead garage doors between 1990 and 2005. While the numbers may seem low over 15 years, most of the injuries occurred at home. Over 40%