Garage Door Nightmares

broken garage door nightmare

Have you ever been in a hurry, ready to back out of your garage, only to find the garage door opener is not working? You don’t have time to fix it right then. So you run in, close the overhead door with the wall switch, tear through the house to the exterior door, and hope this hasn’t made you late.

When you get home, you repeat the process in reverse to get the overhead door open. To fix the problem, you try replacing the batteries. You might also climb on the ladder to reboot the sequence, and still, nothing happens. By now you are thinking, what is the use of electric garage door openers if the fobs don’t work?

If your overhead door didn’t come down when you pressed the wall switch, you might have yanked the release cable to close the door manually. But then you might find the garage door won’t catch to raise it again manually. Monkeying around with an overhead door can be frustrating and unsafe.

Why A Garage Door Company Can Help

If you’ve had these problems, it might be time to contact a professional overhead door company in your area. A garage repair company will quickly pinpoint the problem and work to resolve the issue. If the opener isn’t the issue, they will diagnose why the door is not catching. Allowing you to use your garage again. It might be something as simple as dust setting off the overhead door sensors.

There are other problems like worn outdoor springs, bent or blocked tracking, or issues with the cable and pulley breaks. It is dangerous to try and fix springs yourself, as the torsion involved needs special techniques to install safely.

A worn-out garage door, springs or cables can be a safety hazard for children and pets. The door unexpectedly falling shut could cause serious injuries to anyone or anything caught in it. For those homes with older garage doors, a maintenance call will probably save you from future headaches. As with anything, regular maintenance will keep your door operational and safe.

If you can identify with any off the issues above, you may need a garage door replacement.

While it may seem easy, a garage door installation involves several little steps that all have to be done correctly for it to work. There’s nothing worse than investing your time, money, and effort into a project, only to have to call a professional later. Especially when you could start on the right foot by having a repair company install it in the first place.

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