Converting Your Garage Into A Living Space

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Most people think a garage is only good for one thing, storing a vehicle and extra tools. However, it’s quite common now-a-days for people to utilize their extra square footage and turn it into living space.

On average homeowners prefer larger garages, the bigger the better. This way they are able to house their second most expensive purchase next to their home, which is their vehicles but now it can store so much more. For families with only one car and a 3-car garage this could mean a new room. Garages are now an extension of the home and are being developed as such.


A garage is a great way to add more room to your home weather it is utilized as an outdoor space as courtyard or kitchen, or used to add square footage to the home as a workout room, home office, or extra bedroom. It can even be converted into a rental unit you can use to help pay off your mortgage.

Extra Outdoor Space

  • Courtyard
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Summer Porch
  • Sports Zone

Extra Square Footage

  • Workout Room
  • Mud Room
  • Kids Playroom/Game Room
  • Home Office
  • Man Cave
  • Den
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Hobby Room (Painting, Crafting, Sewing, Wood Working, Etc.)


  • In-Law Suite
  • Rental Unit
  • Airbnb

Whatever you are using your newfound space for it’s good to know what you are getting yourself into first.


Any renovation project can be a lot of hard work and cost a pretty penny too.  However, depending on what you are using your space for it can definitely be worth all the effort and the expense.


When turning a garage into livable space the first thing you should do is budget. You have to decide what you want your room to be and then look into how much money you have for this renovation. This will determine how much you can put into the renovation; will it be the barebones or a complete overhaul. Having a good plan will save you a lot of tough conversations and less need for settling on options.

Cost Breakdown

The average cost of a two-car garage, around 600 square feet will be around $6,500. Though, high end remodels could be around the $20,000 for a fully livable renovated space, with plumbing, heating, and kitchen. On the other hand, a low end, more DIY style renovation for turning your garage into better storage or a place for the boys to sit and have a beer could only run you around $2,000.


The materials you need will be dependent on the job and design you’ve chosen to turn your garage into a new room.  But most projects will include:

  • Dry Wall – Around $2-$4 Per Square Foot
  • Flooring – Hard Wood, Linoleum, Polyurethane Coat
  • Paint – $20 – $40 Per Gallon Depending On The Quality And Brand You Choose


  • Carpentry, For Any Structural Reinforcements, Flooring, Etc. Averages $30 An Hour
  • Electrical, Rewiring, Adding Outlets And Lightening. Averages $65-$130 Per Hour
  • Plumbing, Adding Kitchen And Bath. Averages $58 – $260 Per Hour Depending On The Work Being Done
  • Interior Designer, If You Want To Be More Hands Off On The Project & Get Someone To Come In & Help You Design The Room Of Your Dreams From Scratch. Averages $50-500 Per Hour, Depending On Their Notoriety, Education, & Experience


  • Insulation, Needed For A Livable Space, Not Necessary For Garage Storage Improvements Or Outdoor Space Renovations. Will Cost Around $1 – $1.50 Per Square Foot
  • Cabinets & Counter Tops, For Kitchen & Bath, Storage Or Dry Bar. Depending On Size, Quantity, Material &Quality These Products Can Range From $200 – $2000, Plus Installation
  • Garage Door, A New Garage Door To Seal The Area. New Style, Such As A Full Window Garage Door If You Are Turning Your Bonus Room Into A Reading Den Or Art Studio To Let In Light. Cost Averages Around $400 – $800

Remember to talk to your local building regulations office before you start any project to ensure the permits are valid for your renovation. This could save you so much time an

Whether you are upgrading your garage to a boot room or doing a full overhaul on your garage to become a beautiful rental suite the options are endless. This isn’t just a boring space for your car anymore.

For all of your Calgary garage renovations call A1 Overhead Doors to upgrade your garage door to match its new interior. We can install new or fix up older doors to ensure they are sealed tight to brave the elements.

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