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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If your garage door is only pulling to one side, the likely cause is that the cable is broken or has come off its track. Although it might be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself, this may result in serious injury. Please contact a professional to assess and fix the problem!

    We recommend that garage door maintenance and servicing is done once a year. That way if something is showing symptoms of breaking, we can watch it early, saving you money on a costlier repair down the road. Read about the importance and process of garage door maintenance.

    You’ll need to phone a locksmith to be able to get into your garage. After this we can assist you with the root cause of the garage door’s issues, whether it stopped working due to the remote, opener or some other aspect of your overhead door. 

    If your garage door isn’t working properly even after being adjusted, chances are the problem is caused by the garage door opener. Once the electronics in the opener start to malfunction, it’ll affect the way your garage door operates, not allowing it to close properly. 

    The weather stripping around your garage door plays an important role in keeping out the cold air. This can help lower your bill on heating costs. If your weather stripping is damaged, we can repair it or install new stripping for you. You can find weather stripping at any local department store (e.g., Canadian Tire or Home Depot) or online (e.g., Amazon). 

    In general, a loud garage door is trying to tell you that it’s overdue for maintenance. If not serviced regularly, any part of the system might be malfunctioning and cause a loud groaning and squealing sound. After you’ve checked the track for any debris or dents, call in a trained professional to further troubleshoot the problem.

    Yes! If one of your garage door springs is broken, the other one will likely break soon, as both have the same life expectancy. It’s always best to replace your garage door springs at the same time to save you the trouble of doing it a few weeks or months later.

    When garage doors stop working there are a number of possible reasons why. The cables may have become loose or broken, or the springs may have snapped as they aren’t meant to last forever. There may also be an interrupted power source or a blockage in front of the sensors. Do a routine check around your sensors and circuit breaker and replace the battery in your remote. If none of this works, it’s time to call a garage door repairman to assess to issue. 

    Chain drive and belt drive openers are quite similar. However, a chain drive is designed for continuous heavy-duty strain and will be louder than a belt drive. Think about the layout of your house relative to your garage – for example, if you have a bedroom right above the garage a belt drive may be a better option since it’s quieter.

    In general, homes have a few standard sizes for their garage door. A standard double car garage would need a door that’s 16’x8’. The best way to know for sure is to have a technician take measurements to ensure you get the right size. Contact a professional to help you find the right garage door and install it.  

    Looking for a new garage door? Learn more about choosing the right overhead door for your home. 

    Sooner or later, issues with an automatic garage door opener are bound to arise. If your power goes out or your remote breaks, you may have to manually open your garage door. Most modern garage door openers come with a red release cord that you can pull. Exercise caution if the garage door is open when you do this as the door may slam down! 

    There may be an issue with your garage door pulleys if your overhead door feels loose or shaky when it opens and closes. Replacing the pulleys yourself can cause serious injury, please contact a qualified garage door technician to assess the problem and fix the cables. 

    Garage door insulation is a great investment, especially during Calgary’s chilly winters! Insulation can help you: 

    • Retain heat and save on your energy bill 
    • Improve the garage door’s durability 
    • Make less noise when opening or closing your overhead door 

    Older garage remotes use a single code, which is used to communicate with the garage door opener. These single codes can be duplicated and used by thieves! Luckily new garage door remotes use rolling codes that make duplication impossible. You can contact the remote manufacturer and asked if your remote has this feature, and if it doesn’t, it might be time to find and install a newer model. 

    Fixing your garage door by yourself is never a good idea, even if you have the right tools for the job. Garage door parts can be incredibly dangerous and cause great injury, so we recommend always playing it safe – it’s better to pay for repairs than to put your health at risk! Contact a professional garage door repair service that’s available 24/7 to fix your garage door quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.