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Garage door repairs can be dangerous if you don’t have the knowledge and expertise to work on it yourself. A few sure signs you should call us are broken or snapped cable and wires, cracked, bent or broken rollers, broken springs or springs that look stretched, issues with the door weight balance, for example if it’s not closing properly, or any other unresolved issues involving the garage door opener or remote.

Is your garage door opener not working as it should? Are you stuck parking in the cold, or worse, can’t get out of your garage? Sometimes a simple fix like changing the battery, or resetting the system is all you need. For the times it’s not, call on A1 Overhead Door Services to help.

Having a working, functional garage door and garage door opener is something many take for granted, until it stops working. If the motor is not operating as it should, it quickly becomes frustrating to manually open and close the door. When your garage door doesn’t open it doesn’t always mean you need a replacement, often it just requires a repair.

Types of Garage Door Openers:

  • Chain-drive Openers
  • Belt-drive Openers
  • Screw-drive Openers

Your garage remote control not only adds a level of convenience for you, it offers extra safety. It allows you to quickly open the garage door and get inside without having to struggle to manually open or close the door. However, when your remote stops working and replacing the batteries doesn’t resolve the issue, you need an expert to look at the situation. A1 Overhead Door Services can assess the problem and figure out if it’s the clicker that died, if there’s an issue with the opener itself, or something wrong with the antenna or circuit board.

24/7 Garage Door Repair In Calgary


Garage Door Repair

When your garage door isn’t working as it should, give us a call. We’ll get it working again in no time.


Spring Repairs & Replacements

Springs will eventually wear over time. Whether you need a spring repair or replacement, we can help.


Cable Repairs & Replacements

If your garage door is hanging unevenly or the cable has snapped, we’ll help you get it back on track.


Overhead Door Installations

A garage door ties in the aesthetics of your home. We’ll help you find one that looks good and meets your needs.